Trimitsis Woodworking, Inc. is a small, Boston-based firm specializing in challenging residential projects. We approach projects as highly skilled generalists, in the belief that our clients will benefit if we have the capacity to complete all phases of their projects. To this end, we have several teams of highly skilled carpenters as well as tile-setters and metalworkers, along with a comprehensive woodshop where we make cabinets, house parts, and furniture. We also maintain close relationships with a team of subcontractors who hold themselves to the same high standards we set for ourselves and our projects.

We are lucky to work in the Boston area, with its rich variety of architectural styles. We typically work on buildings raised 70-170 years ago, and we are routinely struck by their longevity and the soundness of their original construction. Carpenters working today have the benefit of power tools unimaginable to the builders of these older structures, but face greater demands as well. Modern buildings must be air-tight and energy-efficient, and the materials available for construction today often pale in comparison to those used 100 years ago. In spite of these challenges, we strive to work to modern standards and old expectations: the things we build should outlive us.

In the spirit of “generalist/specialists”, we tackle a wide range of projects, including exterior restorations; additions; structural repairs; kitchen and bath renovations; custom cabinetry; and fine furniture. We also work in close collaboration with a local architectural firm to provide design/build services. To the extent that there is a common theme among all our projects, it’s that they require more care and more attention to detail than the norm. We thrive on such demanding projects, and are proud that almost all our work comes from personal referrals and repeat clients.

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Milton Trimitsis, the founder and president of Trimitsis Woodworking, started his professional life as an organic chemist. Ultimately the workbench held more appeal than the lab bench, but his analytical and technical training in the natural sciences continue to serve him well. Subjects ranging from structural engineering to wood science to coatings chemistry are less intimidating than they might otherwise be. And a science background has proven invaluable in sorting out bunk from benefit in the burgeoning world of green building and technology. When Milton is not making sawdust or meeting with clients, he can often be found counting birds or photographing trees, always accompanied by his pups Musti and Luc.