Dentures and plastic box


Someone tucked these dentures behind the beadboard behind the vanity cabinet in the upstairs bathroom.  Were they playing a prank, or was this some kind of time capsule?  I regret to report that my squeamishness prevented me from thoroughly examining the materials and detailing in the teeth.  Perhaps I’ll have more to report later…

Old envelope

We found the envelope in the space under the bathtub, in the same bathroom as the dentures.  The addressee is Ethel Beaument (sic).  I got sucked into the website of the Jamaica Plain Historical Society recently and discovered that Ethel Beaumont seems to have been the granddaughter of a Col. Frederick Beaumont, an early owner of the house we’re working on.  The account suggests that some version of the house predates his purchase of the property in the 1870s.  More on this later, I hope.


Old letter advertising bonds

Hard not to wonder if any of those bonds still held value four years later.