No one warned me about cats.  There was nothing in the curriculum at North Bennett, and none of my early employers mentioned anything.  But it turns out that cats play a crucial role in our daily work:  keeping the indoor cats in, the outdoor cats out, making sure there’s litter box access for everyone who needs it.  And sometimes it gets more interesting.


Our current job is in a very feline-friendly neighborhood, so we didn’t pay much attention to the persistent meowing coming from the front of the house.  But around mid day, our client realized that her very shy cat Mika was not merely hiding but actually missing.  Then we looked up:


Cat stuck on rooflet


It seems that she made her way out of a (barred) window in the attic, across two window hoods, and onto the roof return.  Dan and Ralph saved the day.


Carpenters rescuing cat from rooflet